Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hard when your Petite

A few weeks ago I started going to school I was worried that I did not have enough clothes to wear to class. I have a lot of clothes but I was still worried that I might not have anything to wear. I have to go to school twice a week but I already ran out of clothes. Last week I went to the store trying to find a pair of pants that fit me but it is hard when you are petite like me I can not find the right size and pants that look good on me. I found a pair of Levis Cargo pants that I like and tried on a couple of them but they were too long on me so I did not buy anything.

I was also looking for shoes for me, I like going shopping but as I have said it is hard. I needed to stay in the store for a long time to find what I want and when it comes to shoes I have to try on many pairs before I can decide on the ones I like. I noticed that they had Red Wing Steel toe boots but I do not like boots I always wear tennis shoes not boots. I went home empty handed, if I get a chance tomorrow after school I will go to the mall shopping for clothes.

By the way, this afternoon when I came home from work I put on my old jeans to see if they still fit me and I was surprised that they were a little loose on my waist I really am skinny now. Since the cold weather started I always wearing my warm jeans to work that was why I haven’t worn my work jeans for a few months now.

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