Saturday, December 4, 2010

It is Funny

I like my work now actually the truth is I do not like my work but I like most of the people around me. Most of them are so nice to me that is why I like to go to work every day even though I do not like the job. It is funny but true but I still wish that I could get a better job that pays more money. I wish I could get a job wearing a scrubs medical uniforms I think it would be nice I really like to wear scrubs.

Few hours ago my friend came over and asked me if I want to apply for a job at a medical clinic and I said yes of course I really wanted to. She is a nurse and she said that she will try to help me get a job were she is working now she is so nice to me and if it happens then I will end up wearing medical scrubs uniform. I am so excited and can not help myself but to check the scrub stores here online and before my friend left she told me to pray for it to happen.

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