Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun evening last night

Last night we went to our company Christmas party with my friends. Their was a lot of foods to eat and after eating the music and the lights started to roll from the disco and of course I did not dance but my friends both did. They were having fun dancing and I was having fun watching them dance. It was really a fun evening last night but when my friends were done dancing they said that their feet were hurting because of their shoes.

It was funny both of them were wearing high heels and they really hurt their feet while dancing. That was the one reason that I never dance because I do not want my feet to hurt because my shoes were not very comfortable. They took their shoes off while in the car and they were laughing about it.

I want to buy new shoes for me when I get a chance ones that do not hurt my feet that is why I am waiting for the company bonus to release so that I can go shopping for shoes. They said that we will get our bonus tomorrow I hope it will be enough for a nice pair of shoes for me and they will be my Christmas presents for myself.

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