Monday, November 8, 2010

Every Friday

Guest post written by Tracy Webster

My friends and I love going to the movie theater. We have made it a habit to go every Friday to catch the latest new release. Movie night has become such a habit for us that it is only the very rare occasion that we don't meet up on Friday night. In the last six months, only one movie night was canceled. The reason was truly a good one! One of the girls from the group was getting married and we were all in her wedding party. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. The funny thing about her wedding was that we held her wedding shower at the theater. We rented a room for a private viewing and our theater has a party room that is usually only for birthday parties. It was a great time and she got a lot of neat gifts. After she opened them we loaded up my car to bring her gifts to my house for safe keeping. I ran them inside, set my Securitychoice home security alarm, and returned to the theater just in time to watch the movie! It was a truly unique experience and I'm sure it's one she will remember for ever. And yes, we did miss one Friday night movie night, but I think the shower more than made up for it!

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