Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY holiday gift tags

Guest post written by Henrietta Parks

I was feeling especially crafty a few weekends ago and decided to get a head start on some Christmas crafts. That's when I found this great little idea to make little nametags out of some old grocery bags.

I had seen it done on a craft and interior decorating blog but they had actually used some grocery bags that had holiday stuff printed on them. While I was thinking about how I could make those work for me without the holiday printed bags, I saw the site www.cleartvbundle.com/order_bundle.html and after reading through it decided to sign up for the service.

I think that DIY gift tags are the nicest little touches to make gifts seem that much more special. But if you make them in bulk on a rainy weekend like I did, then itÕs not that hard to do. Plus, it gave me a way to use all of my extra pieces of wrapping paper that are really way too small to use on even jewelry box presents. Plus, that spool of twine that IÕve had forever finally came in handy.

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