Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"CSI" is always intriguing

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

While there have been many duplications and spin-offs to other cities, my favorite crime show to watch on my direct tv hd packages is the original "CSI," which takes place in Las Vegas. Ever since the show began I have been amazed nearly every week by the things the CSIs on the show are able to do using technology on evidence and at crime scenes. The characters, especially Sarah, Gil and Catherine, are among my favorites ever to be on television. Even though Gil is gone now, I think the show is just as strong as ever. The introduction of Laurence Fishburne to the cast was an incredible addition, in my opinion. He brings a sort of mysterious and somewhat dark quality to the show, which was already plenty mysterious and dark to begin with. Each week's show generally includes a crime to kick things off before it dives into the investigation process. I like when the episodes end with an actual conclusion and a mystery solved, but the multi-part shows are also fun to watch on occasion. I think CSI will always be my favorite crime show to watch on television, as long as the storylines and characters continue to be realistic and entertaining.

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