Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clean out the Chimney for Winter

The Author of this post is Kory Dotson

Before I sit back and relax in my recliner for the winter, I am going to have to have the chimney cleaned out. When it gets cold and winter starts creeping in, the first thing that needs to be done before you can light a fire in the fireplace and sit back and enjoy the games on HD DVR Satellite TV. You can find a chimney sweep online or in the yellow pages, and he will clean out any built up soot in the chimney. One year there was a bird’s nest that was built over the top the chimney, and this can be very disastrous. If the chimney is blocked, and a fire is made, the smoke cannot get out, and it comes right back into the living room! This creates a huge smokey mess, if you don’t get it out quickly. All that smoke gets into the fabric of the drapes and sticks on the wall paint. It’s terrible! Once I get this task done, I can settle in for a long winter of nice fires in the fireplace. Another good tip is to make sure that there you have a fireplace screen to prevent embers and sparks from jumping out of the fire, and landing on anything flammable. Enjoy your fireplace safely.

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