Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Trip to the Big Easy

Guest post written by Mary Roosevelt

At age 60, you might not think that heading to New Orleans would be a top vacation priority, but this year we are making the preparations to go to there to see the famous Big Easy and itÕs perpetual jazz celebration. ItÕs something weÕve talked about for years, and now weÕre finally doing itÑafter 40+ years together!

We have booked reservations at a hotel that is only two blocks from Bourbon St., and we are going to be right on top of all the actionÑright in the heart of jazz world. We know that thereÕs going to be a lot of music, so Bill and I both picked up a new set of miracle ear hearing aids in anticipation. I think weÕre going to try to go to a live jazz show there, tooÑnot just one of the ones you get on the side of the street. It should be amazing; my sister went a few months back and came back raving. WeÕve have everything we need for our big trip, the hard part is being patient for it!

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