Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Best Show About Fashion

Thanks for the post, Vernon Lowe

With all the shows on TV about fashion and weddings it is about time they created a show focused on bridal fashions. That is why Say Yes To The Dress is my favorite TV show about fashion. I am not a bride to be, but have always loved watching shows about it, so if and when (keeping my fingers crossed) that day does come, I am prepared and not nearly as stressed as most of these brides seem to be. I love the way these bridal stores are so dedicated to finding the perfect gown for these women, they get so into it, I never knew how much of a process choosing a wedding dress really was. Apparently, not only does it need to look fabulous but if it doesn't give you that "special feeling" you still have not found the right dress. I thought the "special feeling" was something you needed to say yes to the ring, not the dress! Who knew! I recently switched to satellite TV because I found an ffer I liked on, and one of my main concerns what that this show was still available on this new service, thank goodness it was! With so many wedding dress options it is easy to see how finding the dress, alone, can be quite the challenge. This show makes me consider having a very minimalistic wedding of my own someday.

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