Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Raining

It is Friday morning and it is still raining outside I do not know when it is going to stop. It has been raining here since yesterday and it is still raining. I planed to go to the bank today but I am not sure I will go since I do not like to get wet. I know I could use an umbrella but I do not like to go drive in the rain. When I dropped off my son to school I dropped him in front of the school instead by the gym and it took me a few minutes more because of all the cars. Rain is a blessing but if it rains every day you cannot do what you want to do outside. I also planed to rake the leaves today in our front yard but I think I will do this when it is dry again.


  1. dito rin ulan ng ulan, hail pa nga eh, kaya away kong lumabas, kasi maulan tapos freezing, baka ma slide ako sa driveway namin, wahhhh!

  2. Hi Juliet, it has been raining here in Florida last week, too. I am glad that we have sunshine these past few days. We started our gardening few days ago. :)
    I added you in my updated blogroll, too.

  3. Buti diyan rain lng dito freezing cold and snowing grrrr.