Friday, January 1, 2010

PR update

I think it was today or last night that Google updated the Page Rank because when I checked my blog this morning it surprised me. The update was not good for this blog because last time it was a PR2 and now it is PR1. I never expect the larger PR for my blog but I thought it would stay the same but it did not. I am a little upset with the result but still PR1 is better than nothing. My two other blogs still have no rating. I hope most of you are happy with the results of the Google update this time. Hopefully next time they will increase my number!


  1. Oh well, you are not the only one. I was so surprised one day when my other blog got a PR2 after six months. But after a month that PR was gone ?! Now it became a questions mark instead...had stop trying to understand and wonder how Google could do it. Thankful though that my other blog remains it PR ever since.

  2. oh! my page ranks stay the same. i had pr 2 and 3. i will just keep blogging.

  3. just keep on posting and visiting. And it would be good if you get supporter who have big PRs and keep visiting them so they'll visit you back! I think it counts!

    Wishing you the best!

  4. page rank in itself is not so much of a concern. what's more important is to be in the first page in the search results of any keyword you want your site to be found with, if not the first hit. by then, you'll generate natural traffic (unlike the EC community) which would increase your blog standing and ultimately your PR.

    but to answer the concern, there are certain penalties google implements -- one of them is posting/linking to paid ads. these are considered spam. if you're doing that, you may counter it by including in the same post a well-known authoritative site like google or yahoo.

    hope this helps. :)