Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bored right now

I am bored right now I can not think about anything to write so I am looking at my pictures looking for something nice. I found this photo I took while I was in the restroom at a country club here in Dallas last month where my husband and I went for his company Christmas party. I like that they use small towels to dry you hands instead of paper towel. I think it is better and it saves the environment. I was just amazed because most of the restrooms use paper towels.

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  1. Aguy ako pa ani gikawat na ko ni hehehe kabalo nka mangawat dayon ug freebies sa hotel lol.

    Jul, ako na unta gi send sa comment aguy ky naguba mn ang code mao ako nlng gi send sa email ni cecile kay wala mn ko email nimu hehehehe.

    mao ni ako email ay, sweetshei03@yahoo.com padad i lng ko ug email ky ako to iemail sa imu ako ra gi save didto sa milestone nlng. ako sd ni add imung mga blogs didto.