Friday, December 4, 2009

Can I take the message?

Our phone here has no caller ID. I do not want to get more service options for our phone and pay more so it is okay with me. I am very cheap and aside from that nobody call me anyway. My husband calls my cell phone all the time and so do my friends. But every time our phone rings most of the time it was for me and when I answered they want to sell insurance or tried to get me to get more credit cards. My reply is “I do not need them and I am busy right now“. They call me back again and again and I always have no time to talk to them so I get mad. Now I changed my messaged to the teller marketers I tell them, “She is not home can I take the message? They always say no message I will call her back.” and hang up. It is easier for me now.

Note: while I was writing this post the phone just ring and it was one of them it was funny. I know they are trying to do their jobs but it annoys me.

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