Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that is not right

I was pretty busy this morning after taking my son to school. I went to WIC office for my appointment then after a few minutes there I had to watch videos. I went to the Chase bank after my visit to WIC. I was mad with the bank and while I was driving my mind was very busy thinking about them. They charged me over draft fees twice yesterday when I checked my account online I still had money and this morning I saw the overdraft fees. I do not get mad if I have a lot of money but you know with a lot of bills to pay here I do not want them to take any money from my account. The man at the bank was very nice while talking to me and he said that he is going to remove the fees. This is very sad because people who only have enough money to pay bills and if we get an over charge on our account for only a dollar they will put fees of 32 dollars right away. That is a lot of money that I do not have plus they charged me twice then that is too much and that is not right!


  1. at nangyayari din pala ang ganyan jan? kala ko dito lang sa'tin sa pinas, hehe!

  2. nah unsa man sila uy, for a dollar, gi charged ka 32 bucks! na dili na mao uy; ka grabe jud nila, maayo kay tong laki didto iya tong i remove uy.