Saturday, November 7, 2009

Save Money

I am so tired right now I just mowed our back yard. Yesterday my husband mowed our front yard and I told him not to mow the back yard because I would mow it today. I know that it is hard to mow the yard but it is fun too I like it. Last year I always paid our neighbor to mow our yard because my husband was busy at work and I was busy with my children but now we have more time and we save money doing it ourselves. We always paid $25 to $30 just to have our yard mowed.

I am always thinking about saving money but who doesn’t right. I always shop at garage sale and clearance sale but I only buy the stuff that we need. I hang our clothes outside during summer to save some electricity and that was before my husband bought us an energy saving clothes drier but even though we have one I still hang them outside sometimes. We also are thinking about changing our bathroom fixtures maybe we will do it next year if we have enough money. My husband wants to get a dual flush toilet kit to use on our toilet so we will save water. You know a toilet that uses more water cost money.

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