Monday, August 10, 2009

Worried about Her

This morning I took my friend to the Cancer Center of Texas to have her follow up shots. It was the first time I went to that building. I felt really sad looking at my friend; she told me that she felt very dizzy and a little bit shaky. She does not like to eat but she needs to because she is taking a lot of medicine. We are really worried about her and I hope she will be better soon.

Anyways, I want to go to bed now I am very tired and sleepy already. Tomorrow I will continue my EC dropping when I get home from work.


  1. I do hope your friend will get better too.

  2. I Hope and pray your friend will get better soon juliet.

  3. That must be very hard for you. I take care of my aging mother and uncle and it hurts to see them not feeling good. Prayers for your friend and you!

  4. liet, sana yung friend mo will get better soon, kilala ko ba siya?

    anyway, musta ang day mo?