Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I wish I can afford

This afternoon my husband’s cousin called me and she said she was at the beauty parlor. Since I arrive here in Texas I have never been to a beauty parlor. The last time I went was five years ago while I was in Manila during my interview at the embassy. It cost too much here to visit the parlor one hair cut I think will cost you $15 to $25 and plus the tip. I got lucky here when I found a Filipina woman who cuts hair in her house for only $10. Not bad but still too much when you compare the hair cut in Cebu was only 50 pesos and if I remember one time I went to Ricky Reyes salon in SM it cost me 150 pesos. Now I am here I have no choice or let my hair grow which I do not like. Still I wish I could afford to go to a beauty parlor here but I know I can afford it but I do not want to spend that much money for my hair. Sometimes I asked some of my friend here how much money they spend on their hair they say $50 to $100. What! That is too much for me I am very cheap.

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