Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today is Saturday and it is my day off from work. I like Saturdays I get to stay home with my babies and it is time to catch up on my housework. I have to get ready for Sunday so we can go to church and do grocery shopping afterwards. Every time we go to store to get our grocery we like to rent movies to watch when we get home. They have movie at the store that rent for a dollar a day. It does not cost us too much but we have to make sure that we return it after we watched it or else we have to pay late fees.

For Christmas last year my sister in law gave us a gift card from Blockbuster and we tried to go there to use the card once but we never went back there again. I would like to go there but I have no time to go there and rent a movie. Now BLOCKBUSTER is online and I can rent movies with no hassle I can choose what movie I want to rent anytime this is a great time saver for me. They offer new releases and classic DVD’s online and in-store 7 days a week and if you have Blu-ray there is no extra charge for it.

Start using BLOCKBUSTER online in your home for your movie night. You can return DVDs by mail or exchange them in-store for free movie exchanges or for discounted game rentals at your local, participating BLOCKBUSTER store.

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